Medications in Pregnancy

According to the CDC, 59% of pregnant women are prescribed a medication other than a vitamin or a mineral supplement.  Use of over-the–counter medication may be even higher.  If asked what medications are proven to be safe during pregnancy – the answer is none.  However, apples, green beans, and salad have not been proven to be safe in pregnancy. 

While avoiding medications when pregnant or breastfeeding may be desirable, it is often not possible. Medications are needed to treat conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, high blood pressure, or depression.  The risk of not taking the medication may be greater than the potential risk of taking the medication.  Before continuing any prescription medication, discuss the benefits and known risks with your doctor.  The decision to take prescription and non-prescription medication should be based on the benefit when compared to the potential risk.  Many over-the-counter and prescription medications have no known fetal effects and offer significant maternal and fetal benefits.

These medications have no known risk if taken during the pregnancy and if taken as directed by the package instructions.